Rock n Glitter

Rock & Glitter

Let me introduce myself, my name is Angie. Wife, mother of 2 littles and owner of 2 companies, while maintaining a full-time job as a Creative Director at a very successful PR Agency, apparently I haven’t been busy enough lol. I am the single owner and operator of both companies.
I personally custom paint, glitter, design and apply every detail of everything you see here on this page. I believe that if your heart isn’t into the product you produce, don’t bother. I want the client to be as happy receiving the item, as I am making it.
Nearly every special drink ware item seen here is imported, along with the specialty glitters and vinyls. I wanted to provide something super special that isn’t mass produced. I now supply some specialty boutiques and cafe’s with custom items as well. Along with that I do corporate gifting and unique branding.
If there is something you need that I cannot do, I know someone who can, and will refer you to someone who shares in the same quality control and level of service that I try to provide.